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Trendwest® Real Estate Referral Program

Trendwest Real Estate Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions

I am planning on selling our home and would like some help from a professional real estate broker. How can I get vacation credits through your real estate referral program?

Call toll-free to 1-877-869-9672. You will speak with one of our referral experts who will ask you a few simple questions about your planned real estate sale. Based on the information you give us, we will then refer your name and information to a highly-qualified real estate broker servicing your area who in turn will contact you for more specific information. If you decide to list with the real estate broker, your WorldMark Credit account will be credited with 1,000 premier vacation credits upon closing with the Trendwest-referred real estate broker.

I don’t own a home but am looking to buy a condominium, can I get the 1,000 credits through this program?

Yes, any qualifying real estate transaction either buying or selling will earn the vacation credits.

If I sell my home through your real estate network and then purchase another home using your referral network, do I qualify for another 1,000 credits?

Yes. Whether you are selling your home or looking to buy a home or other real estate, when ever you work through one of our participating brokers, you can get 1,000 vacation credits. Just make sure you call our referral department so we can arrange for a referral agreement for both transactions.

What if I am not satisfied with the real estate broker you referred me to?

Just call us back and we will make a note of your feelings and refer you to another real estate professional in your area.

If I list my house with a local broker and it doesn’t sell, do I get the credits?

No. In order to receive the credits your real estate transaction must close escrow with the Trendwest-referred real estate broker.

Are these credits a one-time-only use type?

No. These are regular premier credits that are yours to use in perpetuity, just like your original vacation credits.

Am I responsible for any additional maintenance fees for these credits?

Yes, if adding 1,000 credits pushes your account into a higher dues range, the additional dues will be your responsibility.

What will be the anniversary date of these additional credits?

The 1,000 credits will have the same anniversary date as your original credits.

Do all real estate sales qualify?

Generally, any real estate transaction will qualify, however there is a minimum value your transaction must meet. Call the toll free number 1-877-869-9672 and we will discuss your situation in detail.

I already have my house listed with a local broker, can I get the credits using this program?

No. In order to qualify for the additional credits, you must go through one of our participating real estate brokerages. When your current listing expires, you can then qualify by going through our referral program.

How do I know the person you refer me to is professional, licensed and highly qualified?

The real estate professionals in our network are all independent real estate brokers affiliated with Century 21®, Coldwell Banker® or ERA®. As such they maintain the highest level of professional knowledge and service. And only those participating offices that agree to provide you with the 1,000 credits can participate and then only if they meet certain high professional standards.

Why is this offer being made and is there
a catch?

No catch. This offer is brought to you by a network of participating real estate brokers who have agreed to provide you with WorldMark® Vacation Credits in appreciation for your business. Listings are the oxygen of real estate. Now you have a way to make your listing benefit you without adding a penny of extra cost to your real estate transaction.

What other restrictions apply?

This program is not available in some states or the program may be available on modified terms in certain areas and availability of services may vary by state. To find out about your particular situation simply call 1-877-869-9672.

*Your transaction must be initiated through Trendwest’s Real Estate Referral Office to qualify. You must have purchased a WorldMark membership on or before November 5, 2006, or if purchased after that date, you must be a TravelShare member in good standing. Vacation credits will be available only to WorldMark owners who register first with Trendwest® and have been referred to the participating local broker by the Trendwest Real Estate Referral Program SM. Owners going directly to the individual real estate brokers without referral will not be eligible to partake in this offer. Credits cannot be awarded for previous transactions currently under contract. Trendwest Resorts is a licensed real estate broker in the State of California, license #01104046. A certain minimum value per transaction is required. Some transactions may not be eligible. Program may not be available in all states. To see if your transaction meets minimum requirements and the program is available in your state, call 1-877-869-9672. Participating brokers are subject to change.

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