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About WorldMark

The Only Thing Constant in Life is Change
Owning vacations has been a constant for decades, only WHAT we own has evolved. Through the 60’s, vacations were typically a couple of weeks at the family owned cabin. Changing lifestyles saw a world become more mobile and fly–to vacation destinations more desirable. The 70’s introduced timeshare ownership to meet this desire. Timeshare created flexibility through an exchange program with worldwide vacations choices. Another change in lifestyle emerged in the 80’s with the busy baby boomers. The one–week vacation offered by timeshare was a luxury many didn’t have time for. Demanding careers and busy children left little time for much needed family vacations. Several two or three day getaways were preferred over the traditional full week vacation. In 1989 Trendwest created WorldMark with a vacation ownership flexible enough to accommodate ever–changing lifestyles…constantly.

Vacation Credits
WorldMark credits are a vacation currency that you own. The number of credits you purchase is deposited annually into a WorldMark account to spend as YOU chose. A couple of weeks at the lake every year, exchange into a world-class resort for a week or spend a couple of days at a drive-to resort. How long you stay is up to you and only limited by the number of vacation credits you own!

WorldMark credits give you ultimate flexibility. You don’t own in a particular season, in a particular unit or at a single resort. You own all them! All resort locations (more than 50 currently), everything from a studio to a four-bedroom penthouse. Nearby or far away. By the ocean, mountains, lakes or the desert. Small enough or big enough to fit whatever lifestyle you’re living today! Single? Couple? Small family? Large family? Grandparents? Empty nesters? WorldMark has the perfect vacation for you.

Drive-to Resorts
Trendwest pioneered the Drive-to Resort concept with the creation of WorldMark. WorldMark resorts were designed to make 2- or 3-day getaways easy. Most WorldMark resorts are within a 2- to 5-hour drive of the metropolitan areas where Trendwest markets. These areas include Seattle and Portland as well as several cities in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Missouri. In fact, 80% of WorldMark resorts are drive-to resorts. Of course we all dream of going to the other 20%—exotic locations including Hawaii, Fiji, Mexico and WorldMark South Pacific's resorts in Australia. Visit it our resort gallery or take a virtual tour.

WorldMark resorts promise consistency. Clean, well-appointed condo-like units that make you feel at home, wherever you are. From the spices in the cupboard to the welcome smiles of the staff, you’ll feel the difference of being a WorldMark Owner.

Bonus Time
An Owner favorite! Bonus Time allows Owners to pick up any available units or last-minute cancellations 14 days prior to arrival for a nominal fee.

Out of Network Offers
Partake in offers to a variety of vacation experiences outside of WorldMark but using WorldMark Credits as payment. Trendwest, as the Management Company for WorldMark, creates special offers to give even more flexibility to your WorldMark Ownership. Some restrictions apply. Visit out of network offers.

Trendwest Travel
Taking care of WorldMark owners is this travel agencies only mission. Finding competitive fares, obtaining contracted fares and not charging service fees help to make WorldMark an attractive place to shop for your travel needs. Online booking is available for those who want to "do it themselves, any time of the day"! Trendwest also offers special promotions on selected travel from time to time using WorldMark credits as payment. Try that at any other agency! Visit Trendwest Travel.

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